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COLCA TREK is accredited member of APTA The Association of Adventure Operators of Ecotourism in Arequipa And Authorized Accredited travel agency of the Ministry of Tourism of PERU.

First Option


El Misti is the symbol of the "Arequipeños" and the most popular climbing in the south Peru area, the people in Arequipa say that they are mistianos because the Misti volcano is their protector. This hike up the volcano takes 2 days but the record is about 4 hours and 20 minutes, any way a previous preparation is important because you will arrive to 5,828 meters like 18,000 feet, so this is not a game, the best is if you are coming from Cusco, Puno or Bolivia to get use to the altitude.

Misti Climb is an amazing hike, as much for its interesting geological formations as for its magnificent views. The last eruption had registered more than 500 years ago, and the view of the crater is spectacular, and can be safely viewed from up close.

El Misti is snow less the most time of the year, but some times is completely cover, that people in Arequipa says "el volcan Misti se ha vestido" (had dressed up), the trek up to El Misti is just a path all the way, so is not necessary to have experience  but its important to know that is a strong hike up, so you have to be in a good shape to do it, in special for the ash and sand that press the climbers to walk up in zig zags.

Misti Day

Our 4wd vehicle picks you up from your hotel and two hours later we arrive at the base of Misti (3300 meters) from here we start the misticlimb. The landscape changes dramatically with increasing altitude due to the different stresses on the plant life.

We camp at 4700 meters. The view of Arequipa city at night is amazing, and the view of the starts is spectacular, here at our camp the professional mountain guide provides you with hot soup and at the same time he tells the different fairy tails of the Apus Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu.

Misti Day 2

Very early we have breakfast including mate de coca (this tea made from coca leaves which helps with the effects of altitude), after this we start the 6 hours climb to the Misti summit. The top is an incredible look out point you can see the Chachani Mountain and the Pichu Pichu volcano, the water dam of Aguada Blanca, Salinas Lake, and Arequipa city, if is a clear summer day you even can see the pacific ocean far deep, we also see the perfect  conic shade of the El Misti projected on the Arequipa city  but the very best is the enormous crater of  Misti volcano; if is tuff to hike up El Misti is very easy to slide down, which is comprised mostly of sand and the ash which cushions your steps and allows you to stop easily when you need to. We pack up our tents and then keep descending couple of more hours to the ATV car, arriving finally to Arequipa approximately at 4 in the afternoon.

Length: 2 days / 1 night.
Difficulty: Moderate
Group Size: Minimum 2 / Maximum 6

This climb includes:

  • Private 4wd transport.
  • Professional mountain guide.
  • Climbing equipment (tent, mattresses, and, although almost always not necessary, ice pick and crampons).
  • All meals while on the mountain.

PRICE: please contact us first to check availability.

Here check what to bring:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Warm jacket
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Water (4 litres/person required)
  • Snacks (all items can be hired in Arequipa if necessary)


PERU COLCA TREK Climbing & trekking has not only these climb, if you like to be out of the normal climbing, just let us know we can send you our secret adventure routes, or we are ready to made with you the climb or trekking in Peru in the way, that you order to do,  any different mountain that you would like to climb, just let us  know so immediately we can send you more details , maybe you need information about rafting, mountain biking or city biking, that we can combine to make the best tour for you, for example ¿do you know that is possible to climb Chachani and in the way back you can descend to Arequipa city by the best  mountain bike downhill in Peru, please just ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a immediately answer of our knowledgeable guide Vlado Soto. Thanks.