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COLCA TREK is accredited member of APTA The Association of Adventure Operators of Ecotourism in Arequipa And Authorized Accredited travel agency of the Ministry of Tourism of PERU.

Our Team

Know the team:

MS.Sc Vlado Soto:

Director of Colca Trek he is working hard to make Colca Trek the best agency, his name is in all the Peru handbooks, Historian, professional guide, educated in Peru and Denmark, a post graduate in Sustainable Tourism-he is himself a trekking guide that organize and answer personally and directly any of your questions for our trips, More info just put his name Vlado Soto in Google.


Mr. Aldo Peña:

Member of our team since four years ago. He was for three times the national champion of mountain bike in Peru. Is actually our official bike tour guide, he speaks very good English. From far the best biking guide in the country. We have the best reports about him from our clients (more info, just put Aldo Peña Altamirano in Google).


Mr. Jaime Zuñiga:

is considered by tourists as the best guide of Peru. Is a graduated professional guide, is very sportive, patient, English spoken. He knows every thing about tourism in Arequipa region and cultural trips in south Peru, most experience trekking guide for Cotahuasi trekking best barman!, he make feel all the Colca Trek tourists very informed and safety all the time.


Mr. Javier San Roman:

More than a guide he is a “EXPLORADOR” he have been hike any single trail of Peru, very kind person and the best chef, he never guide a normal tourist trail his trails are in the most remote and lonely areas, he has been working together whit Vlado since 1981 ask for something different ask to Javier. Picture Javier and Vlado in the top of Bomboya.


Ms. Ybeth Guillen:

Our professional National Counter. She is the Administrator of our office she is always here and she will answer to you any question about payment, domestic flight in Peru bus tickets and all the operative matters of your trip ¿do you need a last minute extension trip or connection? you gated.


Mr. Patricio Mendoza:

He is the president of the association of local guides of Cabanaconde in Colca, he lives there and is our local helper, he is the best local guide in Colca and he and his family takes care of our horses, mules and donkeys in our expeditions, he guide as well in Quechuia and in Spanish.



Ms. Pablo Roman:

The best driver in Arequipa, apart to drive our tourist van in city he have a taxi and his name in different handbooks in special in the Reise know how from Germany as the best and polite driver, He is famous for take care of the tourist in the most polite way. He speaks a little of German, English, French and more normally he will be waiting for you in the airport or bus station and always in time.