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COLCA TREK is accredited member of APTA The Association of Adventure Operators of Ecotourism in Arequipa And Authorized Accredited travel agency of the Ministry of Tourism of PERU.


Marcia Foutch
Date: 2014-04-03 10:37 GMT-05:00
Subject: Tour

Vlado- I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had on the Coca Tour Sunday-Monday ( 2 days one night) this past weekend. First of all - you have wonderful staff (including yourself) that make everything work well. The tour itself was amazing - the places we went - the things we saw- your lodge- the people who work there. Deanna was very helpful in the office and patient with me- I really had reservations about whether I could do all of the activities.- but I did all but the hike into the canyon on Sunday. Christian and Michi ( driver) are a great team. Christian encouraged me to try everything- and Michi was there to back me up- like when I couldn't make it all the way up the hill on the bike- he picked me up.

Christian knows so much about the area and is so passionate about it- he is incredible! He made everyone feel comfortable and was always going out of his way to accommodate people ( me) You cannot find guides like him often. He is a very special person.

Michi- is a great driver- very conscientious- checking everything all the time- I always felt safe with him. He also has a sense of humor and was a real part of the group- keeping everything lively. Both he and Christian helped me get my authentic Cabanaconde hat from a woman who was making them. That will always be very special to me.

In two days I think our group became very close- I was little nervous at first because I was the oldest one in the group ( and by myself) and i was afraid i might slow people down - but everyone was wonderful- we exchanged emails and some of us are keeping in touch. The walking sticks really helped me to do this trip- so you might want to invest in some that you can loan- There are parts of the hikes that I would not have been able to do without them because of my knees.

So i just wanted to say thank you and tell you what a wonderful company you have- and how great the people are that work there.

If there is anyplace- you want me to post my experience- please let me know ( Trip Advisor??)

Marcia Foutch


Kathrin R. and Christian K. (Switzerland)

We did a one day trip to the Chachani beginning of March 2012 (rainy season).

When we arrived at Areqeuipa in the morning, the sight to the Misti-mountain was just too tempting. Therefore, we asked in the Colca-Trek agency for trekkings up to the mountain. Vlado explained us the different trips and convinced us, that climbing the Chachani in a one day-trip is the better option than a two days-trip to the Misti, during which you have to spend one night in a tent, walk a lot in the afternoon and probably get wet (due to the rainy season).

Before we started, our guide Johann came to our hostel and provided us with the necessary material: shoes, pants, gloves, fleece, tipped, gaiters, crampons and ice-pick; all included in the price. We have been very happy to get all these equipment, as it was really cold up there though we have been lucky with the weather.

The trip began at our hostels (we have been three people from two different hostels) at around 9 pm and we then arrived around midnight at 5000m, from where we started walking after a hot and sweet coca tea. We have been lucky that there have been only a few clouds and we have seen a lot of stars. The moon was almost full, and we had an impressive view on the mountains in the night. Our guide was walking slowly, paying attention and making a lot of stops, which allowed us to breath and to eat a snack (please bring it yourself!).

We highly appreciated that the guide carried a tent, matress and sleeping bag with him; just in case that any of us would need an opportunity to stay and rest because of altitude sickness. This was absolutely justified: one of our group did make use of the opportunity and slept for some hours, while we continued to the top.

Although we made it to the top, it was not just an easy trip and we had to fight against nausea (just keep on breathing hardly, even during the breaks: this helps!). We have been coming from Bolivia, lake Titicaca and Cusco; thus being acclimatised. Neither Vlado nor we recommend to do the trip if coming from the coast (Lima), because you get up very fast from 2335m (Arequipa) to 5000m by car, and then further to 6000m.

Although it was a real challenge, it was a unique experience to climb up a 6000m high mountain. The fact that we didn't had to carry a huge backpack and that the guide was very professional made it possible; and we are proud of our success.

If you are tempted to climb this mountain, we can recommend Colca Trek and their guide, Johann.


Peggy D.

We did the three-day Colca tour/trek with Colca Treks in May, 2011.

Day one: We were picked up at our hotel at 8:30 am. Our group consisted of 8 people--2 were in their early 20s, two were in their early 30s, there was a father/son, son was 19, and we topped the group in the "young seniors" category. Our guide, Roosevelt, was outstanding throughout the tour.

Day one will be the drive to Cabanaconde wi stops along the way. We did a short hike south of Chivay and stopped at the national reserve. Lunch at Chivay was at a "tourist buffet" place, which I would normally not like at all, but this food was so, so good--great variety of local dishes and honestly it was some of the best we had on our entire Peru trip. Two of the people in our group had been in Peru for months and also raved about the food--so I guess that is why they select this place. We hiked for about an hour along the edge of the canyon ending at Cruz de la Condor--then drove into Cabanaconde for the night. Our hotel, Posada de Conde, was simple and comfortable. Food was very good.

Day two started at 7:30 with breakfast, then our hike into the canyon started at 8:30. The place is stunningly beautiful. We reached the bottom in 3 hours and spent the afternoon enjoying the swimming pools, the shade, and the beauty of the place. Some went for an optional hike up the canyon to a river bridge. Roosevelt cooked an amazing lunch and dinner--particular kudos to the pumpkin soup. He grew up in Cabanaconde, so it was a treat to hear his stories of life along the canyon, and I'm sure that is what made him such a good cook! They provided our tents and sleeping pads, and we rented bags as well--no problems with any of the equipment.

Day 3 started at 4am with chocolate crepes for breakfast, started hiking out of the canyon at 5am to avoid the heat. We were completely surprised that it took the same amount of time to hike out as it did in--we reached the top by 8:10 (and I hike at a slow, deliberate pace going uphill. The 22 yr old guy made it in just over 2 hours). After a stop to see the condors, we went to the mineral baths at Yanque, then back to Chivay for lunch in the same buffet place, which was great again. I really do not usually like buffets, but this one allowed me to try so many different local dishes and the food was really good--especially the lumuna dessert.

If you are looking for a bare-bones tour at a cheap price, this is not the tour for you. But at $250 for the full 3 days with lodging and meals, I thought we got an outstanding value for our money. Our fellow hikers were all pleased as well. The experience and service were outstanding all the way. The pre-tour information was complete and there were no surprises, except that I was not expecting such good food on a hiking trip!

Happy to answer any questions.

Peggy D.


Ruth Emerson
Thu, Nov 17, 2011

Thanks for a wonderful trip--well organized, and I loved the extra things like our guide explaining yareta, and visiting the Wari ruin, and stopping to see the Andean geese, things you wouldn't get on a less thoughtful trip. And those clean liners for the sleeping bags, and clean pillowcases, were really nice for the night that we camped.

Ruth and Bob, Seattle (traveling Oct 15-17)

If our guide is interesed in the photos, please forward him the link.

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Date: Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Dear sir/ madam,

We do not know how we can provide you with our testimony so we do it this way.

We came back today from a wonderfull 3-day Colca Trek. Olivia was our guide and she was wonderful! Very knowledgeable, perfect English and nice company.

We were lucky, we happened to be the only two on the group tour so we were really spoiled. Hugo our driver was excellent as well. We really saw everything and did a nice trekking. We would recommend Colca Trek to everybody.


James Stave
Thu, Jan 04, 2011

A million thanks to you, Tania, and everyone at Colca Trek for arranging my trek up El Misti on November 24-25.

Special thanks and very highest regards to Angel, who made it all a reality. Angel has my highest respect--following his lead was truly an honor and privilege. Successfully reaching the summit was an achievement I will always treasure, and it would not have been possible without his leadership.

A special word of thanks to Carlos, who skillfully delivered us past Aguada Blanca to the start of the trail, and then safely home again the next day.

I hope to someday return to Arequipa, but in any event am happy to recommend Colca Trek without hesitation to anyone interested.

Thank you again, and best wishes for success in the New Year!!

James Stave
Brooklyn, New York


Kathleen Merkel
Fri, Aug 13, 2010
Subject: Kudos to you and your staff!

Dear Vlado,

My fiance and I had such a wonderful time on our 3-day trek to Colca Canyon, I had to write to you about it. Everything about your organization is top-notch, and we will recommend Colca Trek to all of our world-traveling friends.

Tania took excellent care of us leading up to the trip, helping us choose a hotel (Casa de mi Abuela was just right), making sure that we felt comfortable with the Western Union payment, and ensuring that we had an appropriate packing list before we set off for Peru.

Olivia was our guide, and she was wonderful! She was very astute in her knowledge of all the points of interest, history and natural environment, as well as the technicalities we needed to know about hiking. She was great to be around, had a spirit of collegial service, and is also a very excellent cook with a fun sense of humor. All on the tour genuinely enjoyed her company.

The trip itself, is wonderfully planned, and though we were all total toursits, we somehow managed not to feel like too much of a herd. We always felt we could make up our own preferences and itineraries if the group wanted. The 12-person group size was ideal, and the camping set-up was top notch.

We couldn't walk normally for about a week after the trip, but it was all worth it!

Thanks for giving us a wonderful experience at a reasonable price. If we ever get back to Peru, we'll be contacting Colca Trek for the Machu Pichu journey.

All the best,

Kathleen and Arvind


Rebecca Día
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 2010

Se utilizó Colca Trek para organizar excursiones al Valle del Colca, el Lago Titicaca y Machu Picchu. El personal del Colca Trek eran extremadamente útiles y poseen conocimiento y hablaba Inglés y Español, que fue de gran ayuda a nuestro grupo bilingüe. Hemos hecho todos los arreglos en su sede en Arequipa y fueron recibidos por representantes de cada uno de los lugares que visitamos a partir de entonces para confirmar los arreglos y comprobar que estábamos comforatble con la itiniaries. Colca Trek itinerarios alternativos que se ofrecen un verdadero beneficio y le dan toda la información que necesita por adelantado para que pueda tomar una decisión informada. No tratan de venderle los tours más caros en oferta, pero en realidad buscan las opciones que se adapten a lo que está buscando para el que fue un cambio refrescante. Por ejemplo, hemos querido incorporar a nuestras excursiones Colca Valle del tour, pero no tiene tres días para hacer la opción de aventura completa como nos hubiera gustado. caminata Colca arreglos para que nos quedemos en Yanquay lugar en el que podemos para practicar senderismo y visitar unas termas en el itiniary de dos días y esto se convirtió en el más destacado de esta gira. Incluso en la reapertura de Machu Picchu entre todo el caos causado por las lluvias unos meses antes, del Colca Trek conseguido que nos billetes de tren y las transferencias a Machu Picchu en el segundo de abril, el primer día que el público pueda visitar después de la ceremonia de apertura. Todos los tours que tomamos se realizaron profesionalmente y nos lo pasamos muy bien. El precio fue muy competitivos y en comparación con amigos que nos conocimos en el camino, nuestros viajes eran un precio razonable.

Cuando viaje, por lo general obtiene lo que paga, y con todo lo Colca Trek es establecer con claridad desde el principio para que sepas exactamente lo que está incluido y qué no lo es. Los precios son competitivos y si quieres un hotel más lujoso o excursiones a medida, que costará más, pero están disponibles junto con las opciones generales. Este servicio personalizado es único y yo definitivamente recomiendo Colca Trek a cualquiera que esté considerando viajar en la región. Tuvimos un tiempo fantástico, gracias Colca Trek para hacer nuestros viajes sin fisuras y memorable.

Espero que estés bien y hablar pronto.

Un cordial saludo,

Rebecca Día


Helen Shih - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2010

I was completely impressed with the service that I received on the trip with Colca Trek. It was listed many times in the lonely planet as the only reputable agency in Arequipa for many trips and for accurate topographical maps. There were other agencies that I went to see, that offered 2 day 1 night tours and for some reason they automatically assumed that I would not be able to handle the altitude sickness, and suggested that I take a trek where I stay on the bus the whole time. Other people I know, did the trek but did not have the options that I did.

I went to Colca Trek, which is more expensive  then the others, but you tend to get what you pay for, and boy did I get every dollars´s worth. Not only was Jaime, the guide, extremely hospitable, friendly, laid back, but was extremely patient, with another tourist´s child  that came along, 7 years old (that was extremely cute and well behaved). Jaime was knowledgable of all of the history and the landscape, animals and also any questions that I had about the current political issues in Peru. Pablo, the driver, was fantastic, along with Rafael, another staff member who lives in Cobanaconde. The first day was beautiful, went to a rock forest, a height of 5000 M, and saw a condor. The 2nd day among other activities, we hiked through gorgeous cornfields, then down about 1100 m to the canyon to this beautiful spot where we tented at the Oasis. I ended up getting sick from some raw eggs (should have known better) and Jaime and Rafael took splendid care of me. Not only did they have antibiotics and oxygen, they found natural mint leaves and anise for my stomach. There was the option of taking a mule on the way up, which Jaime, did not rush me to make a decision on, until I was about 1/3 of the way up. I still made it uphill the next day and Jaime stayed with me. In addition, plentiful water was always available (bottled) along with snacks, fruit etc. There was more than enough to go around.

I really felt cared for, unlike other mass produced tours. Also, Tanya at the agency coordinated a direct transfer from Chivay to Puno for me, which saved me valuable time. I met other tourists in Puno that did not see nearly as much as I did, and that had to go to back to Arequipa, then took a bus from Arequipa to Puno, so they lost a day. This is a different type of tour, and though it may be more expensive, everyone else on the tour was thoroughly impressed.

Helen Shih


Mona Christian, Dave Kensinger
Date: Sat, Feb 6, 2010

To Olivia, Sergio(driver), Ybeth, Tanya, and others, We wanted to say that the 3 day trip we took to the Colca Canyon on Jan. 21-23 was one of the best trips we've taken in any country! Our guide, Olivia, was amazing with all of her knowledge of the area, concern for us on the trip, outstanding cooking, great personality, and organization. Our driver, Sergio(spelling?), was one of the best ever, driving very carefully, slowing down at the views, and just being very pleasant and interesting to talk with. All of you at the office who organized the trip and kept us informed about the plans were so helpful,professional, and friendly. The oasis at the bottom of the canyon was quite a surprise, with the swimming pools, beautiful ground, tents set up for us (with mats and pillows!! what another nice surprise), and the quiet area. All together, it was a fantastic time every day, and we will remember it as a perfect way to  end our vacation in Peru.

THANKS to all of you for your work and knowledge!

Mona Christian, Dave Kensinger


Friederike Finster-Müller
Date: Wed, Sep 09, 2009

Hello Mr. Soto

We booked a Colca Trek Tour – soft trekking – in the beginning of august. My family was very pleased of this trek. Our guide - Jaime – was very nice and helpful and he was able to explain al lot of very interesting thinks.

We had been glad, that we booked a tour with you agency.


Friederike Finster-Müller,
Andreas Müller,
Silke und Saskia Müller


Date: Sun, Aug 23, 2009

Can I just say we had a great time. Jaime our guide was wonderful and the whole experience will stay with us for a long time. Thank you.



Dominique Des Alliers
Date: Sun, Jan 25, 2009

Dear Vlado,

We would like to thank you a lot for everything. Our 3 days with colca trek was amazing. Jamie and Pablo were really nice with us. We would like to thank specially Jamie. He is a really good guide a good cook too. He is the best we had in all Peru. All the informations He gaves us about history, animals and plants were really interestings.

This trek with colca trek was our highlight in Peru.

Thank you again and long life to Colca Trek.

We will recommand this Trek to everybody.